Customer Services

Is your Customer Service Department struggling to cope with demand?

 Is your Customer Service Department getting bogged down by customer complaints?

Is your Customer Service Department costing you too much money?

 Does your Customer Service Team know what rights and obligations your company has to your customers?

 Through Improved Customer Service, Reduction of Customer Complaints, Cost Reduction and Efficient Service Delivery and Quality Control, CLN Consultancy Services aim to improve our client’s efficiency and profitability.

We can –

  • troubleshoot your systems and processes and thereafter develop management systems and tools to enable you to obtain Improved Efficiency and Cost Reductions,
  • train your staff to perform more Effectively and Efficiently,
  • provide interim management for your Customer Service Department,
  • provide you with a Telephone Helpline to answer your questions. 

Dispute Resolution

Is your Company failing to resolve customer disputes effectively?

Is your Company getting bogged down by customer complaints?

Is your company confused about your rights and obligations to your customers?

Is your Company struggling to deal effectively with the myriad of Trading Standards legislation?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then you should be contacting CLN Consultancy Services today.

We can offer advice, training and consulting in –

  • trading standard law – how it affects your business,
  • consumer law – your rights and obligations to you customers,
  • dispute resolution – your rights and obligations in a dispute.   

We can also offer cost effective access to advice through our advice telephone helpline which will provide you with information on any specific trading standards issue or individual customer complaint. Get the advice when you need it.

We can also negotiate, on your behalf, with customers or trading standards departments.

Contractor Umbrella Services

Do you want an HMRC compliant low cost umberalla servce?

Then you should contact CLN Consultancy Services today.

We provide an HMRC compliant low cost umbrella service to Consultants and Contractors, who do not want the hassle of running their own limited company, but who do want to maximise their income.

  • fees are fixed
  • payments can be processed weekly or monthly
  • invoices are raised within 24 hours of receipt of your timesheets


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